Legislature approves court-ordered treatment plan for homeless Californians

Good news for those of us who have been advocating for the passage of the CARE court legislation. The California Legislature gave it final approval on Wednesday (Aug. 31) allowing Gov. Newsom to sign his proposal into law.  With this legislation, our government recognizes its obligation to help people who are severely disabled from mental illness and/or addiction and are living in inhumane and unhealthy conditions on our streets. 

The most challenging part is ahead. The new law is only a framework of a plan and must be turned into reality through pilot projects around the state, hopefully including Palm Springs. Some well-funded organizations opposed the legislation primarily on the belief it could compromise personal liberties. The state and counties must adequately fund the CARE system and diligently watch for and prevent any instances of abuse of personal liberties should this ever occur.

What can you do? Stay informed and offer support where you can. Background about the CARE court:

As always, reach out to us if you have ideas or questions about how Palm Springs can best improve the quality of life for unhoused individuals and our residents and visitors alike.