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Our collection of resources is on a Google Drive (link). It includes:

  • City, county and state resources
  • Best practices and services
  • Case studies
  • Media stories
  • 2020 Riverside County survey

You can join or follow our Facebook Group with this link:

The Palm Springs Post’s extensive coverage of homelessness. Link

Palm Springs Navigation Center (city’s official page): Link

Police Chief Andy Mills on “Operation Clean Streets” (Sept. 2022)

The City of Palm Springs issues an FAQ on how it is addressing homelessness. Link

City announces Aug. 31, 2021 start of wraparound services at former Palm Springs Boxing Club. Link

This is a local YouTube channel we are following, called Primetime Musings: Link

Overview of California’s homelessness problem from Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. Midway through the documentary at 20 minutes, 30 seconds (20:30), is an explanation of the promises and limitations of the “housing first” model:

Mental illness, drug addiction and crime are major parts of the causes and consequences of homelessness. This video answers many questions we hear about why these factors have gotten so far out of control in California: