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Introduce yourself and explain why you are there asking questions. We have only six questions, but you can make more notes about what you hear and observe. Put answers and notes here.

  1. Where are you from originally?
  2. How long have you been in Palm Springs or the Coachella Valley?
  3. How did you get here (to Palm Springs)?
  4. Why Palm Springs?
  5. Palm Springs is building a navigation center that will open next July on the north side to provide temporary shelter, move unhoused people into permanent housing and connect them to services. Would you use this navigation center?
  6. Can you please give us a first name and last name initial? We will use it to keep track of who we talked with. (If they decline please note some identifying description regarding their approximate age, gender, ethnicity, disability, tattoos, etc.)

Some helpful observations to note:

  • Where did you find them and where have they been staying? On the street, in a tent, in a park, or vehicle? Have they been couchsurfing?
  • Are they young adults (18-25) or seniors (60+)? Do they have children with them?
  • Do you observe or do they share that they have challenges or barriers to overcome? (mental health, substance abuse, PTSD, chronic health issue, domestic violence)