How to comment and report issues

You may submit public comments to the City Council or Board/Commission electronically. 

The City Council meets every other Thursday. Agendas are posted online the previous Thursday. Sign up for email notifications. All members of our group are encouraged to submit public comments, whether or not we have formally done so as a group. You can mention our group but will be speaking on your own behalf. If you submit by email, be sure to give your full name and say whether you are a Palm Springs resident.

Submit comments a day before the Council meeting whenever possible. Council members often do not have time to read comments submitted the day of the meeting.

Use this online form.

Or email:

Any correspondence received during or after the meeting will be distributed to the City Council or Board/Commission after the meeting and retained for the official record.

Official city contact list: Connect | City of Palm Springs

For our downtown business members, the contact is Central Business District Administrator Dean Grubl

App: The myPalmSprings App is the easiest way to report maintenance and service issues within the City of Palm Springs, such as debris or stolen goods at or near an encampment. Simply take a photo of the issue, fill out a quick form, and hit submit. The city will automatically route your request to the appropriate department for resolution.

Social media: Council Facebook links