Our focus for 2022

  • Support Navigation Center project to ensure it becomes a reality
  • Provide volunteers to directly engage in activities that improve the environment for the entire community including organizing donations and conducting neighborhood cleanup outings
  • Advocate for programs such as “CORP” or “HOME,” which can improve the lives of unsheltered people and the quality of life for residents and businesses
  • Strengthen and enforce nonviolent misdemeanor ordinances pertaining to “quality of life” infractions such as petty theft ($950 or less), sit/lie, loitering, vagrancy, park curfew, public intoxication, public nuisance and camping 
  • Orchestrate a town hall event to include city officials, PSPD and county representatives

CORP (Community Outreach Resource Program) originated in Indio and is intended to provide a new shot at life for habitual and repeat misdemeanor offenders – many of whom are unhoused. CORP involves collaboration among multiple countywide agencies including law enforcement, DA, public defenders, a special court, housing agencies, substance abuse treatment centers and mental health professionals. The new Navigation Center could serve as an anchor to CORP in Palm Springs by designating a certain number of beds/units to people diverted from court and/or jail into treatment. Upon graduation from CORP, the whole history of misdemeanor charges, fees and fines are wiped from the record, providing a positive incentive and relief for those individuals pursuing a path away from the streets.

HOME appears to be a successor program to CORP.  HOME was announced in February 2022 by Riverside county.