City buying site for Navigation Center

The City Council voted Nov. 4 to pursue the purchase of a north Palm Springs property for use as a campus for homelessness services. The Palm Springs Post reported

“Proponents of the McCarthy Road site, including many from the Community Partnership on Homelessness (CPOH), said choosing the McCarthy Road property would be the fastest route to opening the much-needed navigation center. They disagreed that its presence in north Palm Springs would make the community less safe.

“Speed to open a navigation center is paramount,” CPOH’s David Murphy told the Council. “That location is fully fenced with a generous buffer between the buildings and the main gate to the outside. It can be easily managed, especially if the city provides the same rigor as it has to the access center.”

While we stand unified on the need for a navigation center as quickly as possible, we recognize that circumstances surrounding a  decision such as this can be complex. There is certainly more work for us to do to ensure that this center best serves the homeless and the community at large. We hope you will stay vigilant and engaged.